Dear Parent,

If you are considering someone other than Wendy Skurich as your daycare provider, I can assure you that your child will be missing out on a wonderful growing experience in Wendy’s home.

My son has been with Wendy since he was 10 months old. All the children in Wendy’s care are long term; I have seen many of them grow up over the last few years. They are polite, sweet mannered and talkative.

Wendy has a genuine affection for each child and they each have a very special place in her heart  My son is excelling in Wendy’s chosen preschool program. He comes home at least 3 times a week with worksheets and crafts. He talks and asks questions about the things he has learned.

When my son was ready to potty train Wendy & I worked together on a potty plan that we were able to support both at daycare & at home and he was fully potty trained with 3-4 months.

She is very encouraging of all the children when they accomplish new things such as trying new foods, potty training, sharing, manners, coloring inside the lines, etc.

On to discipline, we are firm believers in the time out method, which is what Wendy also practices. My son has on occasion mentioned that he received timeouts he felt were unfair and what 4 year old wouldn’t think time out was unfair! When I felt I didn’t understand the timeout I have always asked Wendy to explain the situation & I have never felt my son was unfairly punished.

I would also like to take time to also let you know that Wendy is absolutely the most reliable daycare provider. I have only known her to take 1 sick day in the four years my son has been in her care. She has always given as much notice as possible for the days she takes off.

I believe in my heart that Wendy is absolutely the best day care provider and I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful and positive person to care for my child on a daily basis. My son loves and adores Wendy. He likes to help Wendy out with the little kids as well as with Spunky.

Parent of child who is heading off to kindergarten

February 2014

To Whom It May Concern:

Wendy is our current daycare provider for our 4-year-old daughter and was our son’s daycare provider for 4 years before he left childcare to attend Kindergarten. After initially meeting with several other daycare providers for our son, Wendy was our first choice and we have never regretted this decision.

We are very pleased with the care that both of our children have received from Wendy. Wendy is very welcoming to the children as they arrive in the morning and her home is always clean and neat. We’ve been impressed with how well all the children get along together and genuinely care for each other. Wendy prepares a wide variety of activities for the kids and our children have always had positive things to say about their day and about Wendy.

We feel that Wendy provides a safe and enjoyable environment for all of the kids. We’ve never worried about our children while they have been in her care. We also feel comfortable communicating any concerns we have with Wendy and have appreciated our team approach when developmental issues have come up along the way, like potty training.

We highly recommend Wendy to anyone looking for daycare. We have referred two family friends who also used Wendy for their daycare provider, and we didn’t consider anyone or anywhere else after our daughter was born.

We believe you will be just as pleased with Wendy and her daycare services. She truly cares about all the children in her care.

Bruce & Tricia

March 2014

I have two children in care at Wendy’s Wee ones and knowing that they are in a safe and happy place makes my workday much more bearable. Wendy keeps a clean, organized, nurturing environment and is very respectful of all the different parenting styles. An overall wonderful place for children!

Thank you,

March 10, 2014

We began daycare with Wendy in September 2013. We had moved from a small town and had only ever had one home daycare for our three boys, which was a family friend. It was a nerve racking experience, searching for a new provider to care for our youngest son, then not quite 2 years old. Wendy responded promptly to my email and phone calls and was very willing to set up an interview time for my family and I to meet with her.

Our first impression of Wendy was that she was calm, friendly, and personable. She interacted well with her daycare children, welcomed us into her home, and answered any questions we had. We left that first meeting with a gut instinct that she would be a good fit for our family. Six months later, our impressions haven’t wavered. She has been flexible with scheduling, patient and caring with our toddler, and informative of any policy notices on a weekly basis.

We have been impressed with her curriculum ideas, the overall smoothness of her daily schedule with the children, the manners she has taught our son, and her overall dedication to the children she cares for. Our son is always excited to play with Wendy and it is clear he has made a trusting relationship with her quite quickly.

I have recommended Wendy’s Wee Ones to several new co-workers of mine, one of which will be starting with Wendy in a few months. I will continue to recommend Wendy to other families in need of a good, quality home daycare. We feel blessed to have found her and appreciate her care and compassion with our son.

Wendy & Matthew Logan

March 2014

We love Miss Wendy!  Wendy provides a wonderful environment for our son to not just learn his ABCs or to learn basic social skills, but to truly thrive as a young boy.  Wendy is transparent in her care as she is always open to questions no matter how silly they may seem to a parent, and I know because I have asked my fair share. :) 

Not only is she an open book when it comes to her daily schedule and reason behind her routines, she encourages me to be a better parent by always being available and open to suggestions as to how we can partner together for the betterment of my sons care.  Wendy truly loves all the children in her care and provides a safe, welcoming, and nurturing environment for each and every family. 

Over the past two years, she has become an extended part of our family and I would recommend her highly to anyone looking for care. 

Parent of "S

April 2014

Dear Parents,

Finding the right child care provider is one of the most important parenting decisions you will make.  Entrusting someone to take care of your children for 8 plus hours a day is not something I took very lightly.  We visited several providers in the area before finding our “home” with Wendy.My children have been in Wendy’s care for just over four years. 

My daughter will be leaving Wendy’s and starting Kindergarten this Fall.  During her Pre-K screening the teacher said she passed with flying colors, and they felt she would be a leader in her class.  Wendy played a significant role in her having such a successful screening!

I truly feel that we hit the jackpot when we found Wendy.  I completely trust her with the two most precious little ones in my life!I highly recommend Wendy to you!  If you decide to move forward with Wendy has your child care provider you will find someone who is loyal, trustworthy, fun-loving, and knowledgeable.  I am confident that you will be as pleased!

Sincerely,Parents of “A” and “T”

December 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

Wendy Skurich was our daycare provider for our son P. He started in September 2004 and continued until he started kindergarten in September 2008.After meeting with several other daycare providers, Wendy was our first choice for our son P. We never regretted this decision.

We were very pleased with Wendy and the care P received. She welcomed us into her home each morning, which was always clean and neat. Wendy scheduled a variety of activities for the kids and participated in a preschool program for the older children. We felt that Wendy created a safe and enjoyable environment for P and the other kids. P always had positive things to say about his day, about Wendy, and the other children. One of the things that impressed us so much about Wendy’s care was how well the children got along together.

Because we felt so strongly that Wendy provided exceptional care, we recommended two other families who also used Wendy as their daycare provider. We also accepted reference calls for potential families.

We quickly sensed that Wendy truly cared for the children in her care. This, along with numerous other traits, is what kept us with Wendy. She will be the first one we call for future daycare services.


Parents of child who left childcare to attend kindergarten

I am writing this letter as a recommendation for Wendy Skurich. My son has been with Wendy’s daycare for over 3 years now.   The security I feel when leaving “A” with Wendy is wonderful.  While I am at work, I have no worries about how my son is being treated - I know he is being cared for perfectly. She is a caring and structured provider who gives Aidan the schedule he needs, but does so with a loving “motherly” feel that can’t be matched. I would encourage anyone to use Wendy as your daycare provider. You will be glad you did J

Mom of "A"

We would highly recommend Wendy as a daycare provider. We have been a part of Wendy’s daycare for over three years. Everyone has different expectations and needs for child care. We wanted to have someone who was committed to providing a safe and loving atmosphere, and would promote the different developmental stages of our boys.

Wendy’s daycare is very organized and the children have a predictable routine each day. Wendy has a very calm yet firm presence that builds stability and trust with the children. She models kindness and helps the children learn social skills. We are always amazed at how gentle and caring the children are to one another. Because of Wendy’s years of experience she understands the normal stages for kids and helps work with the parents to meet the child’s needs at each stage.

Wendy provides a pre-school program and she is always looking for new educational materials, crafts and activities to promote learning. Our 3 year old always wants to know if it is a “project day” and he is always singing a fun new song that she has taught him.

Wendy seems to truly enjoy what she does and it shows in her dedication and compassion for children. She always gives us advanced notice for days off and she has never taken a sick day since we have been there. We appreciate the vital role she plays in our daily life!

We would highly recommend Wendy as a provider for infant to school aged children!


Parents of “K” & “Z”

January 29, 2009

We found Wendy by referral in April of 2006.At the time, our son was 5 months old and was being cared for by his maternal grandmother as a result of a terrible experience with a previous in-home day care provider. Prior to interviewing Wendy, we had already called and spoken with at least 25 in-home day care providers and had interviewed at least 10 of those we had spoken with. Unfortunately, we did not feel comfortable with anyone we had met just yet. We set up an interview with Wendy on a week day night.  As soon as we walked into her house we had a calming feeling.  We talked with Wendy for about 30-45 minutes. She held our son and for the first time, he seemed relaxed and comfortable with someone other than us. Even when he started to fuss a bit, she knew what to do to calm him. It was so reassuring. When we left, we told Wendy that we had another interview set up for the next evening and that we would be in touch with her regarding our decision. As soon we got in the car, we looked at each other and in unison said “She’s the one!”We knew we didn’t want to go through with the interview the next evening because of how comfortable and at ease we felt with Wendy.  We called Wendy first thing the next morning and let her know that we made a decision: we would like her to care for our son. We were thrilled that the search was finally over!

In order to ease the transition for both her and our son, we picked a few days during the next couple of weeks when our son could stay ½ days to make sure things would work out. Things worked out beautifully!

Our son has been with Wendy for almost 3 years! We have never been happier and neither is our son. He absolutely adores Wendy and loves all of the kids in her home. We are delighted with all of the wonderful things she does with the children every day. Now that our son is 3, he participates in her pre-school program and brings home a project almost every day. She teaches them songs, plays games and does fun, silly things with the kids. I think what has amazed us the most is how much Wendy loves each individual child so uniquely and how she makes each one feel so special.

Parents of "Z"

To Whom It May Concern:

As a mother of two girls, ages 2 and 4, I would highly recommend Wendy Skurich and her daycare services. We have had our girls with her since January of 2007 and have been very pleased with her.  She keeps us updated on anything happening with our children or other children in her daycare (colds, etc) that we might need to know about.  We are given plenty of notice for any days she is planning to take off in the future so we can make alternate arrangements; in the two plus years we have been there, I don’t recall any time that she has cancelled daycare due to her own illness.  Our girls have thrived under her care. The 4-year-old has been taking part in the preschool program Wendy offers and is able to write her alphabet and numbers, count to 30 without prompting and has started reading and spelling 3-letter words. I have never once had a hesitation about leaving my children in Wendy’s care. She genuinely cares for her kids and our kids love her.


Parents of "S" & "Z


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